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Heritage’s Night Out at the Phillies

Heritage’s Night Out at the Phillies

At Heritage’s, we believe in fostering a sense of community and togetherness among our employees. It’s not just about work; it’s about building strong connections and creating lasting memories. In June, we embarked on an exciting adventure by organizing a night out for our employees at the Phillies game. We are thrilled to share the incredible experience we had during Heritage’s Night Out at the Phillies!

With over 200 employees in attendance, the Phillies game provided us with an excellent opportunity to gather outside the office, unwind, and cheer for our favorite team together. The electrifying atmosphere was infectious, and our employees were right in the thick of it, joining the sea of fans who shared the same passion for the game. Whether it was a nail-biting moment or a jubilant home run, we experienced it all as one big, boisterous family.

Our employees work tirelessly throughout the year, and this night out was the perfect opportunity for everyone to take a break and relax. Heritage’s Night Out at the Phillies was more than just a baseball game; it was an expression of unity, camaraderie, and appreciation for our incredible employees. Events like these remind us of the strength that comes from togetherness, and we look forward to more exciting adventures in the future!