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Authentic Philly-Style Cheesesteak


Meet Heritage’s exclusive Philly-Style Cheesesteak on a freshly baked roll! No need to cross the bridge to enjoy authenticity. Stop by your local Heritage’s store for a mouth-watering and tummy-filling cheesesteak, featuring our premium meat and creamy cheeses.

Takis Fuego


Takis Fuego rolled tortilla chips are the taste of fire. A bite of lava. Like firewalking with your tongue. Containing an intense flavor combination of hot chili pepper and lime, Takis Fuego chips are rated “Extreme.” Are they meant for you? Face the Intensity.

Thomas Breads


In 1880, Samuel Bath Thomas created the Original “Nooks & Crannies®” English Muffin after moving from England to the United States. He used a top secret process that included griddle baking to create a muffin that was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. He later opened his own bakery in New York City. Soon after, Thomas’ English Muffins became a popular part of the American breakfast. Thanks to Mr. Samuel Thomas, Thomas’ English Muffins is the #1 selling English Muffin and an all-American classic. Restaurants, award winning chefs and fast food chains have incorporated their English Muffins into their menus.

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