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Employee & Vendor Spotlight

Sandie Bowerman – February 2024 – Wholesale Magician of the Month

Sandie Bowerman

Introducing our Magician of February at Heritage’s Wholesale – Sandie Bowerman! Sandie, our dedicated part-time receptionist, has been an integral part of our team for the past few years. As the first face and voice to greet people at Wholesale, she welcomes visitors with a warm smile and keeps a bowl of candy on her […]

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Fred Schaffner – February 20204 – Magician of the Month

Fred Schaffner

A huge round of applause for Fred Schaffner, our well-deserved nominee for Magician of the Month! Fred handles everything on his plate with a remarkable blend of hard work, professionalism, politeness, and respect, making him a standout leader in Service. Not only has Fred been a fantastic boss, making the entry into Heritage comfortable and […]

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Dominic Jones – January 2024 – Assistant Manager of the Month

Domenic Jones

Congratulations to Dominic Jones for his well-deserved recognition! Dominic’s journey with us started as a hardworking team member at store #37 in Vineland. Through his dedication and efforts, he quickly climbed the ranks, moving from a team member to a GSM, and eventually, an Assistant Manager. Since his transition to store #34 in Elmer, Dominic […]

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Ashley Ivey – January 2024 – Manager of the Month

Ashley Ivey

A huge congratulations to Ashley Ivey, our Manager of the Month! Ashley embodies excellence in guest service, setting a stellar example for her team with her infectious enthusiasm. Her approach, firm yet fair, has earned her the respect of her team. Ashley has transformed Store #18 into a warm, inviting space, where every guest is […]

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Shermont Fox – January 2024 – Wholesale Magician of the Month

Shermont Fox

Thrilled to announce Shermont Fox as our Magician for the first month of 2024! 🌟 Shermont works part-time in the milk room, and we’re excited to see him explore new areas like the freezer and supplies. Shermont brings a positive vibe to the team – always friendly, helpful, and ready with a smile and a […]

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Stephanie Jennings – January 2024 – Magician of the Month

Stephanie Jennings

We’re excited to nominate Stephanie Jennings as our Magician of the Month! 🌟 Steph is the unsung hero behind the scenes, troubleshooter extraordinaire, and an invaluable asset to our team. Her dedication shines through in every task she undertakes. Steph’s magic extends beyond the Technology Department. She genuinely cares about Heritage’s as a whole. Always […]

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Jim Nieman – December 2023 – Wholesale Magician of the Month

Jim Nieman

Thrilled to announce Jim Nieman as our Wholesale Magician for December! Jim is one of our reliable receivers for wholesale. His extensive knowledge of our products and locations is truly impressive. Jim’s willingness to jump in and help wherever needed is a game-changer for our team. Whether it’s handling deliveries, managing the cigarette room, or […]

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Paula Christ – December 2023 – Magician of the Month

Paula Christ

We’re thrilled to recognize Paula Christ for her exceptional contributions to Heritage’s! Paula isn’t just a supervisor; she’s one of the best individuals at our company, embodying kindness, care, and an unwavering willingness to help others. Whenever she’s in the store, her focus is solely on the team and the store’s needs, showcasing her dedication. […]

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Robert Frazeur – November 2023 Wholesale’s Magician of the Month

Robert Frazeur

Robert Frazeur has been a vital part of our wholesale team, serving as a CDL driver for an impressive eight years. He’s not just a colleague; he’s earned the genuine liking and respect of his peers. Robert’s work ethic is truly commendable. He consistently goes above and beyond, always ready to pitch in wherever his […]

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Lisa Barrow – November 2023 Magician of the Month

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Lisa Barrow, an absolute cornerstone of every event at Heritage’s. From the initial planning stages to the nitty-gritty of set-up, serving, and the often-overlooked task of cleaning up, Lisa is an indispensable force. In recent times, as we’ve hosted several events, Lisa’s dedication and tireless efforts have […]

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