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Betty Ann Staab & Jennifer Clark – June 2024 – Magicians of the Month

Betty Ann Staab

Betty Ann Staab – June 2024 Magician of the Month We are delighted to announce that the June Magician of the Month is Betty Ann Staab! Betty is an incredible person who consistently goes above and beyond to help us all. Whether it’s finding signs, slicer charts, or ordering supplies like creamer, she does everything […]

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Patti Stout – May 2024 – Magician of the Month

We’re thrilled to recognize Patti Stout for her incredible support and dedication! Patti is always just a phone call away, ready to jump into action whenever needed, even during a 4:30 AM crisis! Whether helping a store manager acquire and certify a new scale or answering countless questions about a new computer, her expertise and […]

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Nick Padgett – April & May 2024 Assistant Manager of the Month

Nick Padgett

Since joining our district last spring, Nick Padgett has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to policy and procedure, ensuring that everything is executed flawlessly. Nick’s role as assistant manager at Store #31, under Jessica’s guidance, has been instrumental in achieving our store objectives. Together, they’ve focused on team development, accountability for company policies and procedures, and […]

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Maureen Taggart – April & May 2024 Manager of the Month

Maureen Taggart

Maureen Taggart embodies the true spirit of teamwork, always going above and beyond to help others, even if it means putting in extra hours herself. Maureen’s dedication is evident in the way she runs an impeccably neat, clean, and organized store. She’s worked tirelessly to keep controllable losses at or below company goals while achieving […]

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Mark Wilson – April 2024 – Wholesale Magician of the Month

Mark Wilson

We’re excited to recognize Mark Wilson for his exceptional contributions to our team! Mark plays a crucial role in our operations, handling the unloading of the milk truck, picking up milk and Turkey Hill orders, and overseeing all inventories in the milk room. Mark’s dedication, helpfulness, and kindness make him a standout team member. He’s […]

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DJ Warwick – April 2024 – Magician of the Month

DJ Warwick

We are thrilled to nominate DJ Warwick for Magician of the Month! DJ’s infectious laugh, positive attitude, thoughtful heart, cheerful humor, and joyful spirit make him a standout team member. DJ is always looking for ways to help and serve others. He approaches everything with his whole heart and joyful enthusiasm, which has translated beautifully […]

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Lisa Barrow – March 2024 – Magician of the Month

Lisa Barrow

We’d like to give a huge shoutout to Lisa Barrow for going above and beyond in handling PTO and payroll challenges these past few months! The journey started in the first week of January with a flurry of calls about W2s. Whether it was addressing address changes, email mishaps, or the occasional mix-up, Lisa ensured […]

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Sandie Bowerman – February 2024 – Wholesale Magician of the Month

Sandie Bowerman

Introducing our Magician of February at Heritage’s Wholesale – Sandie Bowerman! Sandie, our dedicated part-time receptionist, has been an integral part of our team for the past few years. As the first face and voice to greet people at Wholesale, she welcomes visitors with a warm smile and keeps a bowl of candy on her […]

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Fred Schaffner – February 20204 – Magician of the Month

Fred Schaffner

A huge round of applause for Fred Schaffner, our well-deserved nominee for Magician of the Month! Fred handles everything on his plate with a remarkable blend of hard work, professionalism, politeness, and respect, making him a standout leader in Service. Not only has Fred been a fantastic boss, making the entry into Heritage comfortable and […]

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Dominic Jones – January 2024 – Assistant Manager of the Month

Domenic Jones

Congratulations to Dominic Jones for his well-deserved recognition! Dominic’s journey with us started as a hardworking team member at store #37 in Vineland. Through his dedication and efforts, he quickly climbed the ranks, moving from a team member to a GSM, and eventually, an Assistant Manager. Since his transition to store #34 in Elmer, Dominic […]

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