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Employee & Vendor Spotlight

March 2021 Wholesale Magician of the Month – Tammy Flood

Tammy Flood

Tammy Flood has been part of the Wholesale Team for almost 10 years now. She is pleasant and helpful; she goes above and beyond to assist anyone in need. She keeps wholesale moving along by checking every store’s returns and handling our customers’ (both Dairy stores and outside) accounts. Thanks, Tammy, for all your hard […]

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March 2021 Magician of the Month – Lou Mayo

Lou Mayo

We are truly lucky to have Lou Mayo in our service department. He is one of the guys you can always count on to keep all our equipment working. Lou Mayo goes above and beyond daily and is always there to answer the call when the stores are in need. He has proved on many […]

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March 2021 Assistant Manager of The Month – Andrea Vernacchio

Andrea Vernacchio

Andrea is the first face every new hire sees when they come to Magic Class. She sets the foundation for training and development at our stores. She gives us feedback on how new hires are progressing in the training program and offers insight on how they each can succeed in the workplace. Andrea has truly […]

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March 2021 Manager of The Month – Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith

Kathy has had many obstacles to overcome in the last year. In addition to the Covid crisis, for over 4 months, there was roadwork happening outside of her store, which completely blocked the entrance. The only way anyone could get into the parking lot was thru the golf course behind the store. Despite these challenges, […]

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February 2021 Wholesale Magician of the Month – Jennifer Gaimari

Jennifer Gaimari

Jennifer Gaimari has been a CDL driver for Heritage’s wholesale team since March 2019. Jen is a hard worker and is always ready to help wherever needed. No matter what the weather or the day brings, Jen always brings a positive attitude. She is loved and appreciated by everyone at the stores on her Cape […]

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February 2021 Magician of the Month – Lisa Oates

Lisa Oates plays a vital role as bookkeeper in our accounting department and has consistently performed her job with excellence. Lisa has a keen eye and works closely with the team to keep things accurate and organized. She also provides the essential information we need to gauge how we’re doing as a company, and to […]

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January 2021 Magician of the Month – Maria Schaffner

Maria Schaffner

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Maria Schaffner has kept up with CDC guidelines and local health department directives, and worked with operations to consistently communicate essential information regarding Covid-19 to our employees, and to implement procedures to keep both our guests and employees safe. Most do not realize the amount of additional work that […]

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January 2021 Wholesale Magician of the Month – Robert Frazeur

Robert Frazeur

Robert Frazeur has been apart of the wholesale team since 2015 as a CDL driver. Well-liked and respected by his coworkers at wholesale as well as his store managers, Robert is always willing to lend an extra hand and help in the warehouse after his runs are complete. Robert has a positive attitude and is […]

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December 2020 Warehouse Magician of the Month – Bob Spiris

Bob joined the wholesale team back in November 2017 as a CDL driver. He always does a great job, no matter what store run he’s doing. After he finishes his run, Bob goes the extra mile by picking up orders in the milk room and warehouse. Bob always has a positive attitude and willingness to […]

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December 2020 Magician of the Month – Dave Little

Dave Little

Dave has done a great job with building good relationships with the managers and teams at each of our stores. In the words of our store supervisors, “Dave is always willing to help out in any way that he can.” From updating store signage to resetting and cleaning the store, Dave truly exemplifies what it […]

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