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September 2020 Magician of the Month

September 2020 Magician of the Month

Every month, Heritage’s employees nominate an office staff member as the Magician of the Month. District Supervisor Phil Lazar received this honor for September 2020, and here are comments noted by nominees:

I would like to nominate Phil. He helps me whenever he can. As you know, he changed his plans and came to help me and Sue on a Friday night when power went out. We loaded the entire store, then power came back on and he stayed and helped us put it all back. 
He always offers to help in any way he can. And it is not like he doesn’t have enough on his own plate to take care of. 
– Thanks, Paula


I’d like to nominate Phil Lazar, not just this month in particular but every month he goes above and beyond but I really think he needs a big shout out this month!

When I first came to Phil’s district, I was a little nervous being I never met him before and had no clue what type of Supervisor he would be. I quickly found out he is such a positive team player and really believes in our company. From the first day I met him as an assistant in training at store 30 to now, Phil is always there to lend a helping hand. If he comes in to do a walk or just to check in and sees, I am a little behind he never hesitates to help me catch back up. He will fill the milk room, put the wholesale truck away or whatever needs to be done. He busts his rump right next to us!!😂 If he cannot make it in, he calls to see how were doing or if I need anything. He really is the definition of a dedicated supervisor. I am lucky to be in his district to learn from him and I’m thankful for all the support he has given me!!

Thank You, – Janelle Zee


He has been a real champ during this quarter. Whether he is filling coolers, manning registers, open stores and spending all day with you during a power outage to make sure everything is 100 percent. Phil is an all-around great supervisor. There are not enough words to express what a great person Phil is!!! 
– Barbara Ann Serrani


He has been absolutely amazing thru this whole pandemic, always stopping in to see if we are ok. ALWAYS helping us in the store when we are busy. Even just being an ear to listen to us when we are stressed. Having him so present in our store makes such a great impact on the team to know that he is always there to help us all. 

Have a Great Day!
– Stephanie Sanderson


I nominate Phil Lazar.  The man has done so much for our district to keep us moving forward in this difficult time, not to mention the kindness, dedication he has show to myself and everyone at #28.  This man pulls the proverbial rabbit out of the hat on a daily basis!
– Sarah Taman