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Lisa Barrow – March 2024 – Magician of the Month

Lisa Barrow

We’d like to give a huge shoutout to Lisa Barrow for going above and beyond in handling PTO and payroll challenges these past few months! The journey started in the first week of January with a flurry of calls about W2s. Whether it was addressing address changes, email mishaps, or the occasional mix-up, Lisa ensured that everyone received their W2s promptly.

In the midst of this, Lisa took on the task of getting employees to add beneficiaries to their 401K. While seemingly straightforward, this process turned out to be quite an adventure, involving tracking down employees and assisting them in navigating the intricacies of their accounts.

Adding to her plate, Lisa took charge during the Health Insurance & Benefits enrollment period. She patiently guided employees through the portal, helping them fill out forms to meet the March 1st deadline.

Lisa’s dedication is undeniable. She genuinely cares about every Heritage’s employee, going the extra mile to accommodate their needs, even if it means shouldering additional work. Thank you, Lisa, for your outstanding commitment to our team!