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July 2021 Magician of the Month – David Little

David Little

Over the last few months, Dave has really grown in his position and he has become someone Operations can rely on to help follow up with stores to make sure things are getting implemented properly, and anytime he leaves a store we know that in some way he made the store a little better than when he first walked in.
Dave has been a big help to the Operations Department with the walk-in resets, candy resets and coffee center decals. You can often find Dave behind a register when he notices the store needs a little extra help, or fully facing a store prior to his leaving the store. You may also find him filling a walk-in because he realizes that the store has been very busy and just has not had the chance to get to it. We greatly appreciate him taking the extra step to help out during our time of busy sales and staff shortage.
We are grateful for him and all he does for the supervisors, but more importantly the extra help he has given the managers. Dave has gone above and beyond in a pursuit to help ease Manager’s physical in-store to-dos on the Merchandising/Marketing front and overall, looked for ways to assist and volunteer where help is needed.
Dave also was readily on-hand to assist with the “destruction” of store #25, and was instrumental during the renovation process – jumping in to help wherever it was needed even outside of the Merchandising realm.
Whether its technically his job or not, Dave happily helps anyway he can with a positive attitude. It means so much that someone cares as much as he does to always ask if help is needed, not just because it is his job but because He genuinely cares.

Switching gears, we would like to recognize Dave for a few volunteer moments.

• The first was The Paulsboro Clean-up Day held on Saturday – when asked if he could go down to snap a few photo ops for social media, not only did he go down to snap a few photos, but he also ended up staying & helping Matt & Sam make/bag over 100 subs for the volunteers.

• The second was volunteering to help Ed @ #4 make 75 Subs that were donated to Gibbstown Little League for The Dedication Ceremony held in Memory of Jamal’s brother Joshua Jones.

We truly believe Dave is a great representation of what we are all about at Heritages, from his willingness to help in anyway shape or form to his constant positive attitude. We are happy Dave is a part of our “Heritage’s Family” and hope He stays with us for a very long time.
Thank you so much Dave for all you do!