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Fred Schaffner – February 20204 – Magician of the Month

Fred Schaffner

A huge round of applause for Fred Schaffner, our well-deserved nominee for Magician of the Month! Fred handles everything on his plate with a remarkable blend of hard work, professionalism, politeness, and respect, making him a standout leader in Service.

Not only has Fred been a fantastic boss, making the entry into Heritage comfortable and enjoyable for many, but he’s also shown exceptional skills during deli case installations and the turnover at store 32. His dedication to each task is evident in the outstanding results.

While Fred typically has a lot on his plate, he faced an abundance of additional challenges in January. From the rapid demolition and rebuilding of store #32 to dealing with a surprise snowstorm and taking on plowing duties for six additional stores, Fred faced each challenge with his signature grace and efficiency. The unexpected leaks at the office and the additional responsibilities due to a colleague’s personal tragedy further highlight Fred’s unwavering commitment.

What’s truly remarkable is Fred’s ability to handle every challenge without a hint of complaint. He goes above and beyond for the team and the stores daily, and the word “No” simply isn’t in his vocabulary. Fred sees the whole picture, understanding the true MAGIC in every task he undertakes.

Beyond his exceptional work, Fred brings humor and a little eye candy to the mix, making each day a little brighter for all of us.

Thank you, Fred, for your outstanding contributions and positive spirit. You’re truly magical!