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Dominic Jones – January 2024 – Assistant Manager of the Month

Domenic Jones

Congratulations to Dominic Jones for his well-deserved recognition!

Dominic’s journey with us started as a hardworking team member at store #37 in Vineland. Through his dedication and efforts, he quickly climbed the ranks, moving from a team member to a GSM, and eventually, an Assistant Manager.

Since his transition to store #34 in Elmer, Dominic has truly blossomed into a leader. Stepping up to a more prominent role, he ran the store seamlessly in his manager’s absence, showcasing exceptional leadership skills. His hardworking nature and dedication to every store he works in are truly commendable.

We’re grateful to have Dominic Jones as part of our team and excited to witness his continued growth as an Assistant Manager. Keep up the fantastic work, Domenic!