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December 2021 – Assistant Manager of the Month – Jonathan Freeman

Jonathan Freeman

Jonathan Freeman has been an Assistant for a little over three months now. Between his time as a General Store Manager (GSM) at #12 and as an Assistant Manager, Jonathan has worked in 22 stores. He happily goes from store to store and helps any manager or supervisor who needs him; In most cases, working six days a week and in some, working seven days a week for a few weeks at a time. Johnathon always has a smile and is willing to help anyone at any time. I know there are a lot of managers who are grateful that he was able to work in their stores over the last few months – either to give them a day off, help fill a shift because they are short staffed or help train a new employee.

Jonathan, thank you so much for your passion and dedication to this company. We are so lucky to have you as a part of our Heritage’s team!