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December 2021 – Manager of the Month – Janelle Zee

Janelle Zee

Janelle Zee started as a team member in store 18 and we immediately saw the potential in her. She was quickly promoted to a GSM, then Assistant Manager. Once she was in the Assistant position, we knew she was going to be an excellent manager. We placed her into Store #2 as an Assistant running the store and she did so well that she was promoted to the manager of Store #2 shortly after. She did an excellent job there and learned a lot of management skills. Recently, Janelle was tasked with running store #29 while the manager was out, and she more than stepped up to the plate. Store #29 is a busy store and challenging to run. We were very impressed with how well she adjusted to the sales volume and keeping the store in great shape.


Thank you, Janelle, for all your hard work and dedication to the company. You earned this!