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Phil Lazar- December 2021 Magician of the Month

Phil Lazar

Phil has really built our district up as team, and it’s all good vibes! The group chats he started to help each store have been tremendous. His leadership has helped many of the store managers weather the recent staffing troubles.

He is deeply devoted to his family, teams, and this company. He strives to improve the cultures of his stores, his workplace, and his community. He is often open about his mistakes and areas of opportunity, and never stops thinking about ways to improve.

Due to recent staff shortages, Managers have been struggling to cover shifts. Whenever managers reach out to Phil or the company as a whole, he is the first to reach out to let them know he’s doing what he can to try to help find me the help I need. 

Phil, thank you for all that you do for this company. Your efforts and contributions are greatly appreciated by your fellow staff members.