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Paula Christ – December 2023 – Magician of the Month

Paula Christ

We’re thrilled to recognize Paula Christ for her exceptional contributions to Heritage’s! Paula isn’t just a supervisor; she’s one of the best individuals at our company, embodying kindness, care, and an unwavering willingness to help others. Whenever she’s in the store, her focus is solely on the team and the store’s needs, showcasing her dedication.

The wealth of experience Paula has accumulated over the years is evident in her deep knowledge and problem-solving abilities. She’s a true asset to the company and has a remarkable understanding of every aspect of our operations.

What makes Paula stand out even more is her personal touch. She’s been a constant support from day one, going beyond the typical supervisor role. Whether it’s helping with everyday tasks like putting away groceries or tackling bigger challenges like reorganizing the backroom, Paula is always there. Her commitment to continuous improvement shines through as she introduces new ideas and challenges, fostering growth not just for herself but for the entire team.

Paula’s impact reaches beyond professional boundaries; she’s not just a supervisor but a friend. It’s individuals like Paula who make Heritage’s a special place. Thank you, Paula, for being an exceptional part of our team!