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March 2021 Magician of the Month – Lou Mayo

Lou Mayo

We are truly lucky to have Lou Mayo in our service department. He is one of the guys you can always count on to keep all our equipment working. Lou Mayo goes above and beyond daily and is always there to answer the call when the stores are in need. He has proved on many occasions why he is such a valued member of our team.

This past January, during our coldest week this year to date (when everyone was complaining about how cold it was while walking to their office or working in their stores), Lou was pulling his ladder off his van and heading on a rooftop every day in 20-degree weather at 7am taking care of our stores. He went from rooftop to rooftop all week long, which is tiresome to begin with, but in the cold, it is ten times worse. He never complained about his situation and continued working his way thru his list of things to do.
More recently, one Friday morning, a store was having issues with their toilet not working correctly. Although

Lou had just finished his On-Call rotation and was looking forward starting his weekend, Lou was the closest to the store and agreed to stop by and check it out. After several attempts to unclog the sewer it was clear to him that he needed bigger tools and backup. When help arrived, Lou and his partner knew immediately that they were in for a long nasty afternoon. They tried every trick in the book to unclog the sewer, struggling for hours and making slow progress; it was one of the nastiest clogs they had ever seen, but Lou was determined clear it.

They were finally close to calling it quits when Lou came up with the brilliant idea to attach a garden hose to the end of the sewer snake and run it up towards the clog. This way the water pressure would blast away the clog, clearing the line.  It worked! The clog was washed away.  After an hour of cleaning up our tools, themselves and disinfecting the store they were finally ready to head home; however, just as they were pulling out, they noticed that the road sign insert was falling out and in danger of hurting someone. Lou pulled over, got his ladder out and helped repair the sign. By that time, it was almost 5:00pm and everyone was tired, smelly, and ready to call it a week.

It is days like this that show us how truly blessed we are to have Lou Mayo on our team. He never gives up or takes the easy way out and is determined to get the job done. 

Lou, thank you for always going the extra mile. We greatly appreciate all that you do!