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DJ Warwick – April 2024 – Magician of the Month

DJ Warwick

We are thrilled to nominate DJ Warwick for Magician of the Month! DJ’s infectious laugh, positive attitude, thoughtful heart, cheerful humor, and joyful spirit make him a standout team member.

DJ is always looking for ways to help and serve others. He approaches everything with his whole heart and joyful enthusiasm, which has translated beautifully into his role as a supervisor.

DJ not only thinks of others, but he also takes action, going above and beyond to celebrate birthdays, organize outings for managers, and bring positivity to the workplace. His caring nature and pleasant demeanor make him a joy to work with.

Since stepping into his role as supervisor, DJ has been instrumental in getting things done efficiently. He brings his enthusiasm to the office, making his presence known in the best way possible.

DJ’s expertise with the Fresh Base scale at Store #3 has been invaluable, and he’s generously shared his knowledge with other managers and supervisors. He’s also gone the extra mile by moving scales to different districts to ensure all stores have what they need and volunteering to rehab office plants at home.

Thank you, DJ, for your unwavering willingness to help, even when not asked. Your contributions are truly appreciated and make a positive impact on our team. Congratulations on this well-deserved nomination!