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Employee & Vendor Spotlight
December 2020 Warehouse Magician of the Month – Bob Spiris

Bob joined the wholesale team back in November 2017 as a CDL driver. He always does a great job, no matter what store run he’s doing. After he finishes his run, Bob goes the extra mile by picking up orders in the milk room and warehouse. Bob always has a positive attitude and willingness to

Employee & Vendor Spotlight
December 2020 Magician of the Month – Dave Little

Dave has done a great job with building good relationships with the managers and teams at each of our stores. In the words of our store supervisors, “Dave is always willing to help out in any way that he can.” From updating store signage to resetting and cleaning the store, Dave truly exemplifies what

Employee & Vendor Spotlight
November 2020 Magician of the Month – Patti Stout

Patti Stout is the epitome of what Heritage’s MAGIC is all about. As technology manager, Patti is always available to help team members and guide them step by step through any technological issues. She approaches any problem that arises with patience and positivity, and if she does not know the answer,

Employee & Vendor Spotlight
November 2020 Wholesale Magician of the Month – Jimmy Nieman

Jimmy Nieman has been a member of the wholesale team since 2006. Having served initially in the cigarette room as the backup receiver, Jimmy is now responsible for picking milk on Sundays, along with another warehouse worker. Jimmy is dependable and always willing to help whenever there is a need. Congratulations

Employee & Vendor Spotlight
October 2020 Assistant Manager of the Month – Elizabeth Henderson

Elizabeth Henderson, known as “Lizzy” to her co-workers, models Heritage’s standard of MAGIC. Whether she is servicing guests or working with and developing team members, Lizzy always displays a positive, easy going, can do attitude. She is loyal and committed to her team, ready to step in and help whenever