Ice Cream: Wanna treat? Try Heritage’s Premium Ice Cream. Delicious and creamy, and still a full HALF GALLON.

Milk: Our milk is still as fresh and wholesome as it has been since Heritage’s first started milking cows in the 1930’s. And although we no longer milk our own cows, the values of our founders remain our #1 priority generations later. We still have the sweetest milk in town!

Heri-eggs: This is a Heritage original, and one of our most popular sandwiches. Although it is usually a breakfast sandwich, it makes a great meal anytime of day. Available with your choice of Ham, Sausage, pork roll, or Bacon. 

In a “Heri” just grab one from the warmer, prefer it custom made, just ask, it takes only a few minutes to prepare one! Either way, treat yourself today!